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About Liz and Patrick

Liz and Patrick



Liz Hamilton and Patrick McDonald have been working in the healing profession for over 40 years. We decided to open our home in Leura in the Blue Mountains of Australia for a space for healing, meditation and creative activities. Please note if you are allergic that we have friendly Persian cats living here who love to interact with guests.




Liz and Nature

Liz Hamilton has experience in teaching, healing and the arts since 1975. Liz has a deep love for crystals, angels and sound. Liz has trained in a wide variety of healing modalities and has incorporated her own experiences to develop her own technique she named "Cosmic Radiance Energy Healing". Liz offers classes and workshops on a wide range of topics. Liz has published books about her journey and spiritual experiences.



Patrick McDonald has experience in teaching, healing, spiritual philosophy and literature. He specialises in  "Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path". We reach a point of view that recognises no limits to knowledge, sees through all illusions and opens the door to an experience of the reality of the spiritual world. We  recognise ourselves as free spirits and learn to live through deeds of love. Patrick offers talks and study groups on spiritual philosophy. He also is a trained intuitive healer.

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