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Liz Hamilton works as a healer and teacher at her Alasenmat crystal sound healing centre in the Blue Mountains of Australia. 'Alasenmat' means: 'Walk around with light'. Liz creates workshops and write on many different spiritual subjects.


Liz's book written in 2012 'Collective Cosmic Consciousness' is currently sold out. A few copies may be obtained directly at Alasenmat Centre.


New books to be released are:

The Regent Speaks Timeless Wisdom 

The Way of the One Star (A Meditative Path of Mastery for Any One)

The Twelve Sacred Gemstones of the Crystalline City 

(Two versions will be produced of a Manual for Crystal Healers and a Meditation Book with Art Cards)

The Sacred Crystal Egg of the EA (Archetypal fairytale with illustrations)





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