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Crystal And Sound Healing Room

Experience deep relaxation as your stress melts away!

Liz’s own unique modality of Cosmic Radiance Energy Healing empowers you to take the next step of your journey whether this be for just relaxation, healing or personal spiritual development.

You set your own intention before your session as you sit upon a huge seat of selenite within the high vibrational energies of a most magical crystalline room.  Cosmic Radiance Energy Healing, along with amazing crystals of your choice and soothing sounds surround and bathe you as you journey to reconnect to your higher essence of being.

All aspects of you are brought into loving harmonic resonance to connect to the deeper levels of your heart to experience the clear space of your own unique soul note. 

Special musical instruments from all over the world, voice toning and quartz crystal singing bowls assist you to enter a deep and peaceful state.  Harmonic overtone chimes in specific intervals called  ‘The Thirteen Tones of Creation’ are placed upon your joints.

The sound, crystal and energy all work together to clear and tune you, gently guiding you to your next level of transformation.

If you are ready to explore, evolve and expand, do come and experience Cosmic Radiance Energy!


$80 Balance - 50 minutes to an hour

$100 Balance and 13 Tones of Creation - hour and bit

$150 Balance, 13 Tones and Specific Areas - hour and half



“....From Sydney to the Blue Mountains to visit Alasenmat Healing Centre. Outside their lovely, crystal strewn home, within the beautiful crystal garden stood a simple grannie's cottage. Entering the doorway I could not believe my eyes...Liz Hamilton has one of the biggest stone and crystal collection in Australia. I have arrived to a magical garden but nothing has prepared me to what I have seen and experienced moments later. It was like stepping into a fairy tale. Entering fairyland, crystal land! Photos can not possibly convey how I have felt standing on the threshold of this crystal kingdom.
My soul grew wings and was about to fly, a thing that has actually happened moments later...The gentle Liz Hamilton was there, standing like an ancient priestess in her crystal temple. Moments later I was lying in a comfortable luxury bed, embraced with purple linen and wrapped with beautiful purple silk cover. All around me, large chunks of amethysts and quartz. The ringing crystal bowls were vibrating. Their resounding vibrations were so powerful...!
Afterwards, being gently woken up and regaining my senses to this world again, I was seated upon the crystal throne to further ground myself...What an experience!!! If perchance you are visiting the Blue Mountains, Sydney Australia, make sure you do not miss this experience!  My friends, I can only say, make a booking, as soon as possible!!! Healing is what we sorely need. We must see and cherish the bounty and beauty of our great mother earth. We must start treating her with far more respect. We must start being thankful for the beauty by starting to give respect to each other, respect to all people and the greatest respect to our bountiful magnificent mother earth! - Anita"
"Thank you so much! I feel blessed and very grateful that you have come into my life. Namaste  Jo" 
"I want to THANK you, Liz, dearly for your assistance at this point in my life. Your healing was phenomenal and was such a gift to recieve healing from your blessed crystals and made a huge difference going there. I have much to integrate. I am grateful for all your work and pure heart.Much much love, Monica xo"
"I want to tell you about a person I know in Leura who does amazing healing work with crystals and sound. I felt so good for days after her healing session and I still feel the effects of a definite shift towards transformation. She has incredible knowledge about crystals, ancient wisdom and the esoteric that she shares in workshops as well. I highly recommend a visit to her. Her crystal collection is stunning, including many sacred crystal skulls.  - Megan"



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