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Classes, Workshops and Private Tuition

Liz Hamilton has had the opportunity to learn a wide range of metaphysical subjects since her spiritual studies began in 1975 and is happy to pass on this wealth of knowledge that has inspired her throughout her life. Subjects include:

Meditation Techniques, Heart Awakening Authentic Presence, The Temple of the Living Light, Sacred Sound, Speech of the Creative Word, The Circle of Twelve, The Spiritual Aspect of the Zodiac, Spiritual Beings, Angels, Mysteries of Shambhala, Tibetan Wisdom with the Shambhala Animal Motifs, Mystery Temples of Atlantis, Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings, Sacred Animals and Birds, Sacred Trees, Crystal Healing, Creating Sacred Space and Energetic Grids, Healing Energy, Egyptian Mysteries and more...

Patrick McDonald offers talks, study groups and workshops on spiritual philosophy, English Literature, the Nature and Evolution of Consciousness, Stages of Human Development and other spiritual subjects.

You can arrange your own choice of subject for an inspiring short class, day or weekend workshop, or for private lessons at Alasenmat Healing Centre at a time that suits you. We can cater to your specific interest. Please talk to us for a fuller description of possibilities and costs. We can also travel within the Blue Mountains and Sydney region.

Our newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest offerings of events and workshops at Alasenmat Healing Centre. We also evolve through receiving requests of topics.

For all enquiries, course bookings etc. please use the toggle tab, to the right of the screen, entitled "Ask a Question".

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"Thanx Liz,   It was a great day....always feel full of energy after your workshops! Namaste  Kim"

"Thank you Liz, I definitely felt more open and expansive after the workshop and I particularly noticed it the next morning when I woke up to colour and light when I opened my eyes.  I wouldn't mind repeating it! Love to you both and thank you for your great works!  Christine"

"Thanks so much Liz for a lovely Sunday workshop, Wonderful indeed! A good group! X Jana"

"Dear Liz and Patrick, THANK YOU BOTH so much for an extraordinary afternoon yesterday (and for these great notes too). It was wonderful to learn about the most special crystals. I will look out for suitable people to mention you to! Wishing you and Cosmo abundant blessings,  Love,Mary"


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