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Pronounced "Ah-la-sen-maht" which is a Micmaq Native American word.
We strive to kindle the Living Light within each one to shine!
We grow from one flame lighting another!
Be a Light-walker!



Alasenmat Healing Centre offers healing sessions with angelic energy, crystal and sound in a very unique way called Cosmic Radiance Energy Healing.

We hold regular crystal sound meditations, workshops and special events at our centre. We are situated by the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park in NSW Australia.

In 2018 we are offering courses called, 'The Temple of the Living Light' for a series of training in meditation.The Mystery Temple of the Living Light is you! It exists as an evolving wellspring within each one of us! The Temple is here at this place of Alasenmat. It is within us as our Divine Presence. You create your own Temple wherever you walk! This Temple also has a spiritual counterpart in the higher realms called The Pure Land of Living Light. Our Inner, Outer and Divine Temple will evolve as we do and grow in accordance to the need of service to the world.

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We hold a sacred space with a large museum quality collection of exquisite crystals of great size, rarity and beauty to view at Alasenmat. We also care-take very old sacred stone relics from 500 BCE from a holy community in the Himalayas.There are also ancient relics of jade from China and large Tibetan Buddhist Dorje crystal kapalas from a temple in Eastern Tibet.

All the many crystals at Alasenmat Healing Centre are very healing to experience. Alasenmat also has lovely meditation spaces in the garden creating sacred spaces with crystals. We are not suited for young children here due to the fragility of the crystals and always request visitors to ask before touching the displays. Please be aware that Alasenmat Healing Centre has stairs and note that friendly Persian cats reside here if you have allergies.

Our Gift Shop offers a variety of crystals, angels, artwork, musical instruments, toys, books and many unusual gifts for sale. We accept cash, PayPal, direct deposit or credit cards using the 'square'. Our centre is open by appointment only. Some select items are available to order online under the Gift Shop tab above. Most large crystals in our house and garden might be available for purchase if you make a reasonable offer!

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